Back after a Long Break!

Hey Everyone!

I am back to Second Life after a long break. A lot happened before I left and I needed some time off to soak the changes in (Thankfully atlas Second life lets us log out) ūüėČ
I am settling back into the regime and getting accustomed to the changes and advancement in SL. Please bare with me and i will resuming the blogging soon.

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Ashi ‚̧


Miss Universe presented by CwS


Classic with Style (CWS) owned by Anrol and Steve is one of the biggest modeling institutes in Second Life today. Successfully running for 4 years and helping new and aspiring models achieve their goals and desires, CWS is backed up with some of the best mentors and teachers the grid has to offer. Tonight (14th October 2012) 7 women compete in a cut throat competition to win a share of the 200,000L$ cash prize, the coverted title of Miss Universe and an Alyssia Bijoux crown and jewelry set awarded to the winner. As Anrol (CEO of CWS) introduces Classic With Style to the audience and talks about the strength that CWS has in the form of their models, she gives us an insight of how CWS has helped so many people persuade their dream of modeling and evening owning their own business.

Tonight’s tough judging job has been accepted by 3 amazing judges who have been associated with CWS for a long time and the fate of these 7 finalists lie in the hands of:
Ms. Lillou Merlin One of the greatest designers in Second Life.
Mr. Steve101 McCullough CEO of CWS
Ms. Cristal  Triellis Owner of Glamour with Style and now joined ventured with Diamond Style..

Each finalist was given a country to represent and their gowns were based on their respective countries. Listed below are our 7 finalists:
1) Ms SilkyVv Resident- United Kingdom
2) Ms Laci Rossini – Japan
3) Ms Violetagrace Resident- USA
4) Ms Kiralyn Destiny- China
5) Ms Sunrae Suntzu – France
6) Ms Liberty Lighthouse- Brazil
7) Ms Janet Brink – Peru

Round 1: The Exotic swimwear.

When Anrol announced the theme I was curious to know what the girls have come up with and indeed I was in for a treat as each contestant did so well. Ms. Sunrae Suntzu’s body paint idea was really out of the box. Also Ms. Janet Brink’s tiger inspiration and Ms. Kiralyn Destiny’s words “Even the on the beach you want minimal clothes that make you look sexy but not a slut. This swim wear shows off all your curves”, impressed me.

Ms. Sunrae Suntzu


Ms. Janet Brink


Ms. Kiralyn Destiny


Collage of all the finalists in swimwear



Round 2: Creative/ Talent. Theme: Masquerade Party

Having been a part of the CWS myself for over 3 years, I know that this part of the pageant is the most fascinating and very well thought through by the contestant as here they get to show their creative side and be unique. It is tough to choose just one talent which was the best however Janet, Violetgrace and Sunrae stood out with their performance and styling.

1) SilkyVv Resident- Ginger Spice inspired


2) Laci Rossini- Phantom of the opera inspired


3) Ms Violetagrace Resident- 4th of July and Statue of Liberty inspired


4) Ms Kiralyn Destiny – Masquerade Ball red theme ( I loved the way she called the audience to join)

5) Ms Sunrae Suntzu – The wonderful Masquerade Magician

6) Ms Liberty Lighthouse- The beautiful story of how the lovely lady adorning the mask is spotted  behind the curtain by a man who she ends up dancing with all night.


7) Janet Brink- Janet created the set of a ballroom adding pictures of people standing on each side of the stairway as she walks down to dance. Her outfit is breathtaking and her dance was good too. She is so creative in her thinking that each time she leaves me speechless.



Round 3: Question/ Answer and Evening gown themed to the country the finalist represents.

Below: Collage of the gowns worn by the 7 finalists. the big picture is of Janet, this gown is unique and her styling is amazing and she sure looks like an Inca Queen in all of her glory.Image

As the Contestants were called back on stage one by one for a final look, each one of us waited with baited breath to know what the results would be and who would be the new Miss Universe. As I watch the girls take their final walk there is was gush of emotions that filled in seeing the hard work of all the trainers at CWS. Their endless hard work,dedication to their students, willingness and their passion for the industry is exhibited in each of the girls as they are now polished into fine and glittering diamonds.

Anrol takes over the mic and then the hearts start pounding with the big question “who will it be?”. In her classic style keeping the suspense going and making everyone sit at the edge of their seats she announces:
 The first sub-contest is Ms. Photogenic ( this is a tough one because all of them are stunning.)

Ms. Photogenic: Sunrae Suntzu wins 5000L$ plus a trophy


The 2nd Sub-contest award is Ms. Creative and Talented (again a tough one to choose)

Ms. Creative and Talented: Janet Brink wins 5000L$ plus a trophy


Our winners are:

 6th Runner Up: SilkyVv Resident, 5000L$ cash prize
 5th Runner Up: Sunrae Suntzu, 5000L$ cash prize
 4th Runner Up: Kiralyn Destiny, 5000L$ cash prize
 3rd Runner Up: Laci Rossini, 10000L$ cash prize
 2nd Runner Up: Janet Brink, ,250000L$ cash prize

 1st Runner Up: Violetgrace Resident, , 50000L$ cash prize
 WINNER:  Liberty Lighthouse, , 100000L$ cash prize plus Alyssia Bijoux Crown and Jewelry set and the Title of Miss Universe 2012- 2012.

CONGRATS Liberty for your FIRST win *Applause*



She sure looks like the most beautiful woman in the Universe with the crown upon her head as she smiles holding her trophy.

Thank you Anrol, Steve, Laylah, Tiffani, Widrose, Lisana and of-course the finalists for putting up such an amazing show and entertaining us with some healthy competition and hats off to the judges for once again doing a fantastic job and making someone fulfill their dream to wear a crown on their head.





the Winner’s of Lovely’s Contest

In my previous blog’s I have mentioned about Lovely’s Photo Studio, which is a great place to go to for indoor shoots. Sometime in September, Lovely’s carried out a contest which would live out an HUD for the 1st 5 best pictures clicked by people who used the N30 photo studio.

There was healthy competition but only 5 winners could have got the HUD to make their picture taking experience easier and quick. Many entries came in and each entry was unique. Some were new photographers, some did it as a passion, some had bad pictures submitted so they would send amazingly convincing IM’s telling me how i should choose their picture to win but common its a photography contest and that angle can not be over looked. So after judging a whole lot of entries that came as it was about the 1st 5 best pics here are the 5 best pictures in random order.

1) Faith Oddenfen


What I liked about her was she kept it simple and the colors she used are a striking trio. not to much editing and just a basic touch.


2) Octavya Adored


I like the angle she used here, it is different from the others and the spooky background worked well with the outfits color and yes I like this cute styling.


3) Mylie Foxclaw


Mylie sure knows how to keep it simple yet striking.


4) Sawsan Secretspy


Sawsan Secretspy is the owner and creator of WOW Skins and when she came to the studio as she was using the N30 I asked her if she would like submit a pic to win the HUD because that would make her work a lot easier. She was unsure if her vendor pic would be accepted but I agreed and I am glad because this pic is so stunning and those eyes are magical.

5) Malberine Melodie


This is a stunning picture and I loved it from the moment I saw it.


Congrats to the 5 winner and happy Snapping pictures.


Ms. Sophisticated 2012

ImageClassic with Style presents Miss Sophisticated 2012 pageant. Anrol and Steve’s endless hard work and dedication has made CwS where it is today. With styling contests each week, training new students each month and supportive and knowledgeable staff have helped many achieve their dreams and desires.

Today 09/09/2012 marks the finale of the Miss Sophisticated 2012. Prizes over 200,000L$ to be given out to the contestants. Tonight 6 talented, successful, hard-working and very very beautiful ladies shall pass all boundaries of creativity mixed with sophistication to win the prestigious crown and 100,000L cash prize for the winner.

On the panel we have¬† Ms. Cristal Triellis Designer and owner Diamond avatar and CWS’s very own CEO¬† steve101 McCollough.

Round 1 is the creative swimwear where the contestants needed to theme their style to a specific year of their birth or of choice. For me I personally loved the out of the box thinking of Sunrae Suntzu who decided to be Eve and dated her look to 4000 B.C. It was a winning idea indeed and no doubt creative with a serpent around her body.

Sunrae Suntzu Swim wear


round 2 is the part which excites me the most, it’s the Talent round. This round is my favorite because here there is no end to creativity and the results that one sees, I always am glad not be a judge because marking the talent is indeed the hardest part. It is tough to pick out one clear performance that I liked so I am putting 1 picture of each contestant which I have clubbed into a collage. The biggest picture is of Erin her talent was stunning and breath taking as she was a mermaid princess who wanted legs so she could dance. Followed by Janet’s talent from the 1940 opening of Walt Disney’s fantasia with the Nutcracker Chinese Ballet followed with the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (picture). Sidney’s talent was a love story that was set in a jungle around a nymph tree as she danced and sang in the hope of her lover to return. Sunrae’s Unicorn idea mixed with a folk dance and ballet was interesting too. Libery’s ¬†huatulco jungle (her version of the jungle book) had a panther follow her as she danced in the jungle and Kiralyn’s dragon story had a princess escape her castle and go into the woods where she met little baby dragons who were chased by big ones. though the next day when the princess returned with a sword she destroyed one of the two giants and made the other one take care of the babies.


Round 3 is more of the decider where the contestants wear a creative gown and have the Question and Answer round. The effort the girls have put in is clearly shown and indeed it pays off but it all boils down to these final moments when they are judged in their final look and their answer’s play a major role. I had my favorites and in this round Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot and Ladysunfire Erin worked magic with their outfits. It was like the final blast one got and all I could say was “wow” and applaud them for their great work. Ladysunfire Erin won the best talent and creative gown and indeed she deserved it. Janet Brink was awarded the title of¬† Ms. Photogenic each winning 5000L and Sidney did not win any sub-contest but the Major title of Ms. Sophisticated, 100,000L Cash prize, Alyssa Bijoux crown and jewelry set. This is Sidney’s FIRST every win *salute* and she has proven that persistence can win you what you want.

Ladysunfire Erin gown


Janet Brink Ms. Photogenic


Winner: Ms. Sidney Abbot is Ms. Sophisticated 2012


4th runner up Liberty Lighthouse, 3rd runner up Ladysunfire Erin, 2nd runner up Janet Brink, 1st runner up Sunrae Suntzu and WINNER Sidney Abbot


close up of Sidney Abbot


It was a lovely evening with an enthusiastic crowd that went all the way through to support and the audience that stayed on through the end of the show won a Lady Gaga outfit which I will blog about soon. Once again the hard work of Anrol and other CWS staff paid off beautifully and yet again CWS made someone’s dream come true.

Follow your dreams because you can make it happen for you with your will and determination.


Inside Second Life there are a lot of things to do but sometimes when we explore we land up at some of the best places. Most of us have been to photo studio’s to get our pictures taken or try our hand at taking pictures. We look for a good, ideally free place to take pictures with a good studio equipped with good backgrounds and poses. The most common way of searching is SL in-world search but I did not land up here thanks to search. I landed up here because my friend Madelene was a photographer here and I came to meet her. I feel in love with the place. Something totally gripped me about the places.

The Variety of photo booths is amazing. 3 FLOORS to choose from, I have never seen anyone have such a large variety to choose from. The owner Lovelylovina Lamilton has left no stone unturned to provide residents the right mix of choices for everyone to have a picture of their taste and choice. name the background, photo booths and poses she has them all. A while back she made her studio free to use and thus does not have photographers around anymore, it is open to everyone to use freely.


LOVELYs PHOTO STUDIO is a non profit service supporting creativity in SL. If you have not been here already then you must go and check out the options available to you. If you are planning to build your career in photography and need to practice in-world, take your customers then TP to .

My favorite studio is the N30 and this is your opportunity to get the N30 HUD for FREE. Only 5 of you can lay your hands on this one and all you need to do is catch me at the studio and get it from me BUT here is the catch, take your pictures using the N30 studio at Lovelys and post it to my flickr : and tell me why do you deserve the N30 HUD. That is not at all difficult to do for photographers ūüėČ

5 N30 HUDs available for grabs so go on and get lucky. I will write a follow up blog of the 5 winners with the winning pictures ūüôā

The Uni’ Que World

Inside Second Life, there is no end to creativity or imagination. From building to designing, scripting to photographer the variety in-world is huge and there is always room to improve. In my previous post I have mentioned how my journey in second Life has been and here I talk about how I founded and made “Uni’ Que Photography”.


I must say I am very lucky to personally know some of the best In-world photographer like Strawberry Singh (, Kent Nowicka, Madelene Merlin, Falbala Fairey and Fuzz Lennie to name a few. The amazing thing about them is that they are so talented and grounded. No airs, no attitude and ever ready to help. Somewhere each of them and largely Strawberry are instrumental in awakening my interest in taking pictures, so I certainly owe it to her for silently inspiring me to try my hand at working some camera magic.When I began to see how photographs are taken in-world, youtube, blogs and helped me the most. I use a lot of her windlight settings and I have been trying to improve with each picture I take. When I got a hand on photographs I had to sign them off so I would sign as “Ashiangel Magic Photography” but some how I never liked that and I wanted something different as a name and “unique” came to my mind even though unique is used I thought of breaking it up and making it Uni’ Que. It i tough to explain how I got that brain wave but it worked and I got my friend Madelene Merlin to make me logo’s for Uni’ Que and as of January 2012 it has been in operation.


Photography is all about playing with the poses, windlight and the creativity of your mind. As I mentioned above, I prefer using the Windlight settings available on as they are really well made and a must have so make sure u download them and use them. Also if your using a studio like the N30 for example, the lights of it are very good to use, they certainly enhance the lights of the image. I personally enjoy both indoor as well as outdoor shoots. It is fun to go out and explore sim each one done rather differently than the other and posing naturally is fun in its own way.



Kent Nowicka Photography


When one thinks about photography and creativity what comes to everyone’s mind is good technique, experimental, unique, experienced, good windlight settings and good lighting but what comes to my mind is… Kent Nowicka.

I met Kent quite by accident, thanks to SL search when I was looking for a photographer. Among all those names something told me to go and click on Kent Nowicka and I did. I tp’d into his gallery and all I can saw was I was amazed and in owe of the quality of work. I spent a lot of time looking at the details of each picture. What I observed was amazing detailing and each picture is different.


I know what you are think!!! He must be expensive? Can I afford a picture by him? and the answer is: NO he is not expensive and YES you can have a picture done by him. Apart form the picture you will be smitten by his good looks and irresistible charm hahaha.